Our Spaces

Astley Bank Hotel has a diverse collection of individually decorated spaces that can be utilised for different purposes. From our main restaurant and private dining rooms to our terrace and our kids’ playground, we have something for everyone.


Set against the backdrop of our beautiful maintained grounds, we offer a lot of fantastic packages including 3-course dining, buffet options, afternoon teas, and many more. Our chefs go to great trouble to source the finest and freshest of ingredients for each dish, no processed food from us.


Our spaces provide a relaxing environment that brings people together, and with our experienced events team on hand, we are ready to put everything you have envisaged into action.  

Othello’s Restaurant

Our restaurant’s name is inspired by the famous Shakespearean tragedy, gloriously depicted on Astley Bank’s original stained window, located on the first floor of the hotel. Othello’s restaurant was born out of love and respect for quality local ingredients, with a desire to bring freshly-cooked gourmet food to the table. The chefs take great care when designing and preparing our ever-changing menus. 

Private Dining Rooms

We are proud to have three unique private dining rooms, all steeped in history. The Alderman is named as such because two of the property’s earlier owners were indeed County Aldermen. The Shorrock and Huntington rooms pay homage to the family names of Astley Bank’s previous owners. All our private dining rooms are designed to offer a peaceful environment where our guests can enjoy private events like birthdays, baby showers, christenings, anniversaries, and many more.  


The lounge is ideal for an impromptu meeting, a conversation between friends, or simply for guests who want to unwind and enjoy a night of casual, low-key fun. Designed with a warm and traditional feel, it’s a space to help you relax after a busy day at work or to start your weekend party with a few drinks. It also gives our residents the opportunity to grab a bite from our casual bar snacks menu – the freshly made chicken goujons are to die for.  


When the weather allows it, there is no better spot to quench your thirst with some refreshing drinks. With ample space, comfy armchairs, and situated on the quietest side of the hotel, the terrace is perfect for wedding receptions, summer parties, or corporate private events. And with our new light installations, you can kick back and enjoy the company of your loved ones well into the evening.    


We created our playground not only for the families that visit us but also as a means of entertainment for children when their parents attend events at Astley Bank. Tucked away in a quiet corner next to the terrace, this toddlers’ utopia has plenty of fun equipment that will keep the little ones busy and active throughout the day. Children embracing adventure with some free-spirited thrill, the value of play simply can’t be overstated.